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Power Puss — lecensid by Nintendo
All rights by Baby Soft
Ocean Copyright — 1997

21 augest… mother Frosy with her two kittens

— Kittens, I shall go and eat some fish, wait me for 5 minutes.

— It is very mistery, Frosya doesn't come for 5 minutes already. What's pity?

— Hey, kittens, milk cats! I've kidnapped your mother. Fly to my Starions of the Alpha foundation. You, ofcourse, realize, that I will kill you. I think, that I invadered the Earth with ok. Ha-ha-ha-ha!

Catland, 2150 year... new year

Happy New Year, our mrs. and mr. cats. You see news on your tv sets. We're at the Uzor Foundation and his speech, please.

Hi! We're now have just finished the development of the cyborg unit, which we wanted to sell to our department of defense. You ofcourse realize that this cyborg can be very good joy to our security. Please write them for one week.

The government's deportament of dewense considered development very seriously, but cyborg started to do a nacoman. And he start war with cat land. Much cyborgs materialized at Uzor Foundation.

As our police states, we didn't help you to destroy it. We're only say you the truth, that you will get 25 millions dollars if you rest here after the war.

Remember that your mission is very secretly from departament of defense and Uzor Foundation. Your mission is to destroy Uzor Foundation.

img/drag-2@2x.png 2x
alternative firepower

Dear mother, we are happy to know, that you're ok.

My dear kittens! Thank you very much. I want to say you some bad matter. Soon we're fighting here Uzor and his henchman, Dick flown into the space. They wanted to invade our world and transform it into the world of fighting dog robots. You must take me with you. Our days are numeral.

Hey, Ryzhik! We shall run quickly from here. We can't sit here for next second. It's danger!

Suceful escape!